Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kenneth's grandpa 100 days ..

Its been exactly 100 days since his grandpa passed away .. Ever since dat,he is sort of not allowed to enter my house .. (some old folks tradition) .. Went to Seremban yest,wake up 5 plus this morning gettin ready for 100 days ceremony at Nirvana Semenyih .. I'm lucky to be able to meet his grandpa when he is still alive back then .. a good soul with warm heart .. Eventhough when i meet him,he barely recognize anyone (he is 99 years old) .. And that was the last time that i ever get to meet him ..

A very new experience for me in this 100 days ceremony.. As Hokkien's tradition,we do it in quite a 'flamboyant' (not sure what suitable word to use) way .. alots of ceremony,stuffs and bla bla bla .. Well,at least i learn how to tanam pineapple today .. Well i guess this is the biggest learning for me today .. haha!will try it myself and see the results .. His whole family + all his uncles and aunties were there .. and they were pretty cool .. funny .. good sense of humour .. I'm sure his grandpa will be very happy to see the whole family together and will take care and watch out for them from above ..

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