Friday, March 2, 2012


Its been a year plus that I did'nt blog already .. Maybe cause of the reason I am too busy or maybe blogging its just not important enough for me to spend some time blogging.But today I just feeling like blogging. It depends on mood eh?

Now is 5.42 in the morning,and this is the very first time that i have trouble sleeping. People call it insomnia.I guess I have been too stress. Sometime small little things will get me stress. 80% my stress is from work. Sometime i will be in crossroad over small little things.Sometime i will overlook things.
Wow.. who say handling a business is easy..

No matter you are working class nor having a business , each have their own stress. Those who works for others stress about politics in the company, sense of appreciation by the company and stuffs. Those who have their own business, stress about how am i going to sustain and earn more money,how can I find more business and stuffs.

Normally time like now,I'll be sleeping like a pig. Wishing there will be more time for me to sleep. Its not the case today. I guess I know why. I am being surrounded by matters on work that keep me awake.
I have made a decision on this matter and be responsible about it. Going back to office in awhile and handle it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shooopping shoooopping ..

Its been quite some time for me to abandon this blog of mine .. Haha! Today went for a dimsum breakfast with all my aunts including 6th aunt .. who came over to stay overnight such that we can have our house to be the casino .. what games dat we play? you name it .. mah jong, cards, gin rummy .. talking bout who's the gambler .. haha!

Went to Times Square with brother then took monorail off to Sg Wang .. Strange things is dat 11am half of the shop is still closed .. Guess nowadays all the ppl is rich enough that they dont need to do biz anymore huh ? economy down crisis konon ..

Well,we walked to Low Yat from Sg Wang as bro wanted to buy some stuff while i wanna check out whut i can buy .. Bling bling casing for my iphone .. haha! Only by today i discovered that iMac 27'' inclusive of keyboard and magic mouse is sold for rm5499.. It came to a shock to me as ive been told that that fella cost around rm10k .. which when i heard of it i jus tell myself .. Forget it~~

Well now dat i kno it cost much lower than 10k,this will be my next possesion and can i say sumthing that i can strive for this year .. I've been loving Mac alot!! Oh .. I saw a bling bling iPhone casing with swarovski crystal .. hati bergerak gerak wanan buy but too expensive .. RM150.. not realistic .. so i jus have to give it a go .. too badddd ..

Shopping for gadgets isnt that boring anyways .. Haha ...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poor cat ..

I am always fond about dogs .. Jus now,my dog went out and act strangely .. sniffing around walking slowly towards the gate and start barking .. I observed quite awhile and feel something is not right,straight i rush to the door and demand him to be back..He obviously ignored my order no matter how loud i am (I'm scared its a snake outside as i heard my fren told me be4) ..

I went out and saw a cat lying down outside my gate with whole body wet.. I didnt take much look and dragged my dog inside .. But i felt something not right .. Awhile,I went back out and ask the guard whats happening and i slowly examine the cat .. She is not moving, her whole body is wet and she jus sitting there still ..

The guard told me that the guy from few houses away from me, beaten the cat and the wife pour water to the cat, jus because the cat was under his car .. Is that THE ONLY WAY to treat something that has life? You can jus whoosh her away o jus start ur engine and she will jus go away ..

I felt damn mad and at the same time pity for the cat. My tears automatically rolled down on my cheeks .. I was told to leave things as it is .. But when i flash back the picture of the cat,i feel really really sad .. Animal has their life too .. Appreciate everything and even the little life ..

Where is the humanity ?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ordinary ..

Its been awhile that i didnt blog.. I've been pretty much busy with work.. Jus out of a sudden just feel like writing something.. Work has tied me up alot .. Days and night been working .. Well,its a good progress in my work though .. Im learning more and more things .. I guess in order for you to be good and learn something you got to let go others things .. In economic,its call kos lepas.. Ive been really concentrate in work that i have less time going out meeting up with my frens. I guess this is the things that i need to less spend time on when i want to succeed in my work .. Well,its not that my frens is not important to me.. Its jus that time now is crucial for me to master the work and biz that im doing.. The minimum time for me to take to master it would be a benefit to me.

In this few month i learn to be independent.To b decisive,to be in order to speak up whats in my mind,and mostly to be confident in myself .. to meet ppl .. learn to be strong,to be able to take up the biz,need alot of strength and hardworking. Newspaper biz is not like other biz.. Its tough.. Well,im up to the challenge.. Im glad that i have a very supportive bf and mentor dad to guide me through .. to shorten my road.. In this i found what i need to improve .. that is to LISTEN.. Listening is the master of everythin .. When i dont listen,i missed out alot .. Ive never regret to take up this road,because it has made me stronger,wiser ..

To all the frens that i sort of lost in touch with this period of time,im sorry .. I miss you guys and really wanted to meet u with you guys and get in touch back as how we are last time ... Knowing that u guys is always in my mind ..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kok Soon ..

Today i remember a dear fren of mine .. A fren that i come to know during my form 6 years in St John .. A fren that i have lost in touch but he will come across my mind in many different phase in my life.. His image will always come to me whenever im in down moment .. Thinking back on my life back in Form 6,i really did enjoy spending time with him .. Accompanying him walking to the special room when recess started and back to the classroom when its ended.. Reading newspaper and whats new in the news .. Chit chattin with him ..

He to me is a guy who is very talented .. A guy who can score very well in exams .. SPM 8A's if im not mistaken and oso did very well in sports .. But all the talent that is given to him,there is this one incident during primary time that changed his life .. While he was playing basketball wid his fren,his cornea in his eyes fell off,that resulted him being blind ever since then ..

He never gave up his life .. He to me when i knew him,he was a guy who is full with hopes,optimistic,happy,hardworking,strong willed,blind? doesnt stop him from going forward at all .. He get the best results in exams,he won the best sportmans in Paralympic..He even appeared in newspapers .. He is sort of the most inspirational ppl to me .. When i was in my down moment .. I tot of him .. his image will come into my head .. If a man who has been blind not when he was born,he got the chance to see this world and incident happen and he lost sight.. its more suffering than you were born blind.. thats what i thought ..

I told myself given his situation if he can be so strong willed and nothing can stop him from going forward,why cant I?I salute him and he has been an idol to me .. Someone that i really respect and look up to.. His attitude inspires me .. Anyone who come to know this guy you will be amazed how positive and inspiring he is .. I'm the lucky ones ..

Monday, October 18, 2010

1st day without you ..

I thought it was all alrite when i registered you to SPCA for boarding .. You didnt seem to know whut is happening .. Dad felt so heavy hearted and that time i was OK .. I didnt feel as much that i thought i would feel .. weeping away sorrow .. That point when i leave you there i felt 'keberatan'.. but i went away at last .. Office and work has kept me busy not thinking about you ..

But its all coming to me when i reached home .. Daddy and mummy seems to miss you very much .. Our home now is much quieter without your barking sound ...Often i wonder how are you doing there .. Today you went thru nurture,and i hope you rest well .. Eventhough ppl says you will still be that aggresive somehow i hope you will change .. such that one day i will be able to see you again in our home .. I miss the way you climb up and look in through the windows .. ur happiness and waving tail waiting at the gate when we come back ..


Sunday, October 17, 2010

i love you ... but at the same time i hate you ..

It was never easy to let you go .. Especially both of my parents .. Somehow i hope you manage to know how we felt .. Ive never seen my dad cry .. but i saw him cry for you ... and my mum's tear rolling down when she thinks about you..I have no right to determine hows your life should lead to..Ultimately we thought to just let you go in the wild .. hold ur life as ur own .. and today we found out that we can actually place you somewhere else and they can take care of you .. making sure that you get the food and care that you need .. that you wouldnt be put to sleep o staying beside roadside .. Mummy and daddy wouldnt be too worried how will you be ..

From the moment you bite my mum's hand and its the 3rd time .. there is no way that you are gonna stay in this house anymore .. no matter how we has loved you ..In this moment .. the feeling wasnt easy to bear .. Jus wan you to know that we do love you very much .. But you have hurt my mum and she is not the only one that has got bitten by you .. Eventually my dad and bro did and i was the only one who hasnt... Chances were given several times but this time the wound that is in my mum's hand is way to deep ..

Blackie,eventhough you are jus a dog .. i love you as much as i do as a human .. I pray that you will have a good life .. Make many frens in the centre that we r going to send you .. and well, remember us.. Blackie,I love you .. We love you .. .