Thursday, July 29, 2010

beautiful chat ..

Had a talk with Kenneth jus now in the car for almost 20 min (approx) .. We had chats about our relationship , where is it heading to,our breakdowns, miscommunications and our beloved DRAMA'S .. Funnily enough that we can discuss it openly and laughing all the way in having both of us laughing at ourself on how silly we can be..

There come a point of time i told him ... I miss you being so romantic and putting down the ego to pujuk me .. where is that you? no more geh .. and he laugh .. and said that he is kayu and apparently when he did all those funny lil romantic thingy that i actually didnt give any reaction thats why he sien liao .. dont wanna do already .. (oh damn!!)

We both talk about our arguements .. Last time use to be 7days a week and now it has been improved .. average 1 arguement per week .. why the breakdown? both point finger at each other lo .. and he say 'you think i donno you ah .. i kno you well enough to kno how you will react everytime ..

I guess i really love this conversation .. being open and laugh at ourself and correct all the mistake and breakdown along the way to create better relationship in the future .. no arguement,no deep understanding about each other ..

i'm blessed to have a bf that love me for who am i .. care for me enough to know me so well in person, to accept my goods and bads , mood swings, tsunami swings, whatever swings that i have .. what more can i ask for? oh ya .. romantic bf ... that he say he stopped being because i got no reaction when he is being romantic .. mayb i should have some reaction then?mayb? hm.. will think about it ..

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