Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daddy fell ...

Yesterday when im in my dreamland sleeping,i heard 'Boom' sound .. at first i thought that was this renovation going on as opposite my place there is still apartment that is still under construction..Next thing i know my mum came knocking and shouting to me and my bro.. 'Daddy pengsan on the floor'... That is when i felt so awake at instant and it is 2.30a.m. i could still remember clearly and the images still running through my head even now .. when i open my door .. i saw across the room,my daddy is lying on the floor unconsciously .. But there is snoring sound coming from him .. My bro rush to my dad and i was still in my room looking across at him,panicked and couldn't move.And suddenly my bro shouted ' Got blood ' ..

That is when i got really paranoid and start dialling 999 .. my voice is so shaken when i talked to the officer..and my bro and mum was beside my dad try waking him line was passed over to hospital call centre where they ask me alot of bullshit question than ever to say at instant to send the ambulance over... My bro overheard my conversation and said.. ' Ill send daddy to hospital. he is awake .. Dont need their ambulance .. we r faster.. That instant i put down the phone and get ready to rush to hospital ..

Daddy has been woken up by my bro,but he couldn't remember what happen and why he end up being there .. I was so so worried and he went to toilet before getting in the car.. and that point of time i was still paranoid.. i am still not sure whether will he suddenly faint again o whatever .. things came pouring into my mind and i couldn't think straight.. I called Kenneth and he rushed over to the hospital...We reach hospital in jus less than10 min .. i guided my dad in and rush over to tell the nurse what happen .. and he was send into the room..When i was there,my mind is still stuck and im still worry and scared .. he faint .. there must b something wrong ..

He had his brain x-ray at 3am..and he got benjol behind his head..It is quite serious for a not so young guy like him that u knock behind ur head .. while waiting for the x ray result,i couldn't talk.. i couldn't think .. i was purely scared .. scared wat if the result shows something negative? i am a person who cry easily but yesterday,i didnt.. it is because what i felt is far worst .. 15 min later,report is out,doc ask us to go in .. and we r blessed that the x ray is normal .. and that is when i pull a weak smile ..

Daddy had been admitted to the hospital..when he was admitted he has fever and also high blood .. It was nearly 5am when everythin is so called settle.. I went back pack some stuff for daddy and bring it for him .. had my work done in the office and spend the rest of the day to accompany him .. doc came in and check .. had him x ray on the chest and doc advised him to stay overnite and discharge this morning for observation.. Daddy like most old man .. doesnt like to stay overnite in the hospital .. who like to stay overnight there anyway? But for his health and make sure he is really okay before he come back home,i encouraged him to stay there awhile more .. That night i accompany my daddy overnighting at the hospital.. kept him company such that he dont feel lonely ..

This morning .. doc came in and check saying daddy is well to do .. but his breathing is still weak on the right .. cause of the cough ...but nothing serious .. he was so happy when he know that he can go back .. i felt relief ... but i still worry about him .. i am glad that he is okay now .. this incident really shocked me and it also made me realize stronger that appreciate every moment with daddy and everyone around me .. 活在当下,珍惜眼前人..

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