Sunday, October 17, 2010

i love you ... but at the same time i hate you ..

It was never easy to let you go .. Especially both of my parents .. Somehow i hope you manage to know how we felt .. Ive never seen my dad cry .. but i saw him cry for you ... and my mum's tear rolling down when she thinks about you..I have no right to determine hows your life should lead to..Ultimately we thought to just let you go in the wild .. hold ur life as ur own .. and today we found out that we can actually place you somewhere else and they can take care of you .. making sure that you get the food and care that you need .. that you wouldnt be put to sleep o staying beside roadside .. Mummy and daddy wouldnt be too worried how will you be ..

From the moment you bite my mum's hand and its the 3rd time .. there is no way that you are gonna stay in this house anymore .. no matter how we has loved you ..In this moment .. the feeling wasnt easy to bear .. Jus wan you to know that we do love you very much .. But you have hurt my mum and she is not the only one that has got bitten by you .. Eventually my dad and bro did and i was the only one who hasnt... Chances were given several times but this time the wound that is in my mum's hand is way to deep ..

Blackie,eventhough you are jus a dog .. i love you as much as i do as a human .. I pray that you will have a good life .. Make many frens in the centre that we r going to send you .. and well, remember us.. Blackie,I love you .. We love you .. .

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