Friday, March 2, 2012


Its been a year plus that I did'nt blog already .. Maybe cause of the reason I am too busy or maybe blogging its just not important enough for me to spend some time blogging.But today I just feeling like blogging. It depends on mood eh?

Now is 5.42 in the morning,and this is the very first time that i have trouble sleeping. People call it insomnia.I guess I have been too stress. Sometime small little things will get me stress. 80% my stress is from work. Sometime i will be in crossroad over small little things.Sometime i will overlook things.
Wow.. who say handling a business is easy..

No matter you are working class nor having a business , each have their own stress. Those who works for others stress about politics in the company, sense of appreciation by the company and stuffs. Those who have their own business, stress about how am i going to sustain and earn more money,how can I find more business and stuffs.

Normally time like now,I'll be sleeping like a pig. Wishing there will be more time for me to sleep. Its not the case today. I guess I know why. I am being surrounded by matters on work that keep me awake.
I have made a decision on this matter and be responsible about it. Going back to office in awhile and handle it.

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