Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shooopping shoooopping ..

Its been quite some time for me to abandon this blog of mine .. Haha! Today went for a dimsum breakfast with all my aunts including 6th aunt .. who came over to stay overnight such that we can have our house to be the casino .. what games dat we play? you name it .. mah jong, cards, gin rummy .. talking bout who's the gambler .. haha!

Went to Times Square with brother then took monorail off to Sg Wang .. Strange things is dat 11am half of the shop is still closed .. Guess nowadays all the ppl is rich enough that they dont need to do biz anymore huh ? economy down crisis konon ..

Well,we walked to Low Yat from Sg Wang as bro wanted to buy some stuff while i wanna check out whut i can buy .. Bling bling casing for my iphone .. haha! Only by today i discovered that iMac 27'' inclusive of keyboard and magic mouse is sold for rm5499.. It came to a shock to me as ive been told that that fella cost around rm10k .. which when i heard of it i jus tell myself .. Forget it~~

Well now dat i kno it cost much lower than 10k,this will be my next possesion and can i say sumthing that i can strive for this year .. I've been loving Mac alot!! Oh .. I saw a bling bling iPhone casing with swarovski crystal .. hati bergerak gerak wanan buy but too expensive .. RM150.. not realistic .. so i jus have to give it a go .. too badddd ..

Shopping for gadgets isnt that boring anyways .. Haha ...

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