Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mY mEmOrAbLe ConVoCAtiOn ..

Its been 3 days after my convo .. Now only had the time to blog as ive been pretty busy lately wid my works and convo .. Thinking back on dat day it was really really a great journey all the way from the first day i step in to Upm .. On the convocation day itself .. i felt everything that ive put in, has paid up and really really worth it .. On that very special day .. my heart had a lot of 'undescribeable' feeling ..
1. Im so proud of myself that ive made it so far and finally graduated with a result that i m so proud of and its a miracle to me ..

*Nevertheless,when im up on the stage . i feel so proud that im the only Chinese that receive the scroll from Pro Canselor for my course which is ' Bahasa Linguistik Melayu '. That point of time i feel so proud of myself ..


2. I feel so thankful for my parent that has been there for me and supporting me all they through ups and downs .. Never give up on me ..

* On dat day, i felt that they were really really happy and very proud of me .. This is the very accomplishment that i feel so proud off .. Later in the evening sent them an sms in Mandarin writing ' BABA MAMA , Mei you ni men jiu mei you jin tian de wo ' .. Never forgets my brother too .. He has been a real great brother in my life and helping me through ..

This is my happy family ..

3. I feel so grateful and thankful for my boyfren .. He was there be4 the convocation starts .. to see me before i went in to the hall .. and he helps me handle all my frens call n guide them to UPM ..And he waits and teman by my bro from 1-4pm n went back to Upm to wait for me to be out of the hall .. He has been really supporting to me and help me thru the whole convocation .. He has been really understanding tat day.. Love you always ..

This is my lovely boyfren , Kenneth Lim ..

4. I feel that im so famous surrounding by all the SLR'S camera (Canon,Nikon .. ) .. haha .. I would like to thank Zheng Hao, my bro Jason , and Kuan Ming for taking nice and wonderful picture of me and my family ..

5. Appreciation is a word that i would use to all my frens who came on dat day including Penny,Chia Ying,Shang Hong,Kuan Ming, Chee Hoe, Zheng Hao,Gerard and Keng Yee .. Ur presence makes my convocation even more special .. Been able to spend this special moment wid u guys .. extremely remarkable ..

6.Nevertheless . warm wishes from my buddies and frens who is not able to make it to my convo .. i love you guys ..

Its really been a wonderful Convocation for me .. ItS the end of one important phase in my life and a starting point for a new phase .. I will miss UPM .. and all my frens there .. Definitely will hope one day if given the opportunities that i will visit my beloved Uni and continuing my Masters there ..

Here are some of the memorables photos that ive took ..

A kiss from Mum and Daddy..

A warm pic wid my bro, Jason ..

My High School Classmate (5K2)
From left : Penny , Me , Chia Ying and Shang Hong ..

A nice smile from Zheng Hao ..

My Form 6's mates .. Kuan Ming and Chee Hoe ..All da way from Cameron .. Mr Gerard Richard .. Bestest buddy , Keng Yee ..

My beloved coursemates .. =)

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