Monday, August 3, 2009

A ~Beautiful Surprise~..... that didnt work out ..

This is how it started .. Went to shopping wid my boyfren yesterday at One U .. its was a great time and great shopping spree session .. We were hunting for clothes and stuff while Kenneth wanted to buy clothes and shoes .. We were searching everywhere for nice shoes and we ended up in Timberland .. He saw a pair of shoe dat he like very much.He wanted a size 9 but unfortunately the store oni has size 8 o 10 .. =( So in the end we didnt purchase it .. Time was running out as i need to go back at 5 to go work .. We soon decides that we will go Mid Valley to search for it after my work ..

Went to Mid Valley .. searched in Timberland outlet, Metrojaya and also Garden's Isetan .. couldnt find the right size .. seems to be a shoe that is very hot in da market .. Well,eventhough he didnt say .. i kno he was quite disaapointed though .. If he dont like it,he wouldnt have search it everywhere ..

This Monday morning .. I went to work as usual .. and around afternoon i supposed to drive mummy tooo Great Eastern Mall .. Remembered there has Timberland too .. Was thinking to get him the 'Timberland Shoe Shoe" as a SURPRISE present .. Reach there search inside .. i think the shop close down edi .. and i recalled KLCC has Timberland outlet too .. Time was limited but rushed there too .. At last found the last pair which is the display one .. Was quite upset but then kind hearted sale promoter told me that at Sunway outlet they got 3 pairs .. so i gave him my number n have him reserved the shoe for me .. Later on he called me n he said he reserved the shoe for me edi .. I was so happy dat i finally got the shoe reserved and plan to go there later tonite to purchase it,get it wrap and give him as a surprise present ..

Well,Kenneth told me he might b going to Sunway today depending if he finishes his work early .. OK .. Reserving the shoe is done .. now is time to delay him from going there to get the shoe .. i send a msg to him asking him to onli go Sunway on Thurs giving him an excuses as i wanted to go wid him coz i wanted to buy some stuffs there .. he say okay but at the same time he told me he alreadi reached there and going to see whether the have the shoe o not .. Suddenly i felt .. i really cant describe .. it was like oh shit .. gonna stop him from getting that ..

Got the Sunway outlet num from KLCC .. called straight to that .. ask the person whether is there any guy asking for the same shoe for size 9 o not .. n he said yes .. he say he is thinking to buy the display one as all the size 9 has been reserved. n i asked a question that when i thought back now seem ridiculous .. I asked ' Is it possible if u can make him not to buy the display ones?' .. Well, everyone knows the asnwer is NO .. I jus couldnt find a way to have him stop a customer from buying .. So later on i jus told him .. Well,jus cancel my reservation and give the shoe that ive reserved for him to him ..

I was really disappointed at that time becoz ive plan everything on how to give him n picking up the shoe later on tonite .. but it jus didnt happen .. its jus a split second .. I kno he would b really happy if i gave him this surprise that i feel it is really BEAUTIFUL ..

Later , Kenneth sms me saying that he bought the shoe edi .. And he told me ngam ngam got ppl release the reservation pair .. Well,needless to say the person who release it was me .. But i can feel that he is very very happy after he get to buy the shoe .. Well can say everything is worth it .. from me going places to search for it until he sucessfully purchased the shoe .. It doesnt matter anymore coz he is happy after dat ...

Well dat moment of time is jus like .. when u play mahjong .. n u got this '13 yew' and u waiting to win the game .. suddenly another person win faster then u .. hahaha! and i guess this is a 'Beautiful SURPRISE' for me .. haha

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