Tuesday, August 18, 2009

' PAKU ' lesson ..

A story of a Paku lesson ..

Ingredient :
36 pakuS
1 blank paper

Whenever u feel the grundgies feeling , pinch 1 paku in the blank paper .. When the paku finishes .. then u might wanna do it vice versa .. Whenever u feel like to have the grundgies feeling,hold it, be patient and get over it .. do not let it out and settle it wid a calm heart .. Then if u manage to do so , kindly take 1 paku off the same sheet of paper.. Everytime you manage to control it,continue the same thing .. until every paku has been taken out ..

NOW , look at the sheet of paper .. What do you see? Its fills wid 36 holes on it .. It reflects the amount of time that u ve hurt ppl around you whenever u lose ur temper and had the grundgies feeling .. Could u mend it? NO .. Its awares us that whenever we wanna lose our temper .. take a deep breath and think of how many ppl around you that will get hurt jus becoz of your grundgies feeling ...

Something in life , some things we can mend it .. but not if you hurt his/her feelings .. Sometime we can prevent it from happening ..

* grungies feeling : feeling of angry,frustrated, intended to hurt someone in any way (feelings,or etc) ..

Simple exercise , GREAT lesson ..
This is a great lesson that ive learn from a great person .. =)
Hope that it will bring a light to you guys out there too after reading this ..

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