Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm hurrrt ...

When you said , " What you're doing now its because ppl give face to ur father .." do you kno how i feel that time? Ppl close to me saying that to me .. All this while ive been working and do lotsa things that ive never done before .. Occupied my time with learning all the new things .. facing up to the 'real' world .. I tot myself that i have a lil achievement that i can b a bit proud off and celebrate even i still got a very long way to go to be really successful .. But when you said that it jus made me feel like its all useless and no meaning anymore .. Do u kno how much it hurts me?

When i wanted to care for you .. told u everything whut i feel from my heart much it matters to me, and how much i care for you ..having u see why we reacted this way , whuts the reason behind and having u see our point of view .. you Shut it off by saying "are you done talking?" .. and replied .. 'What ive said ,ive said before .. i do not want to repeat it anymore. " Thats how u shut us off from you .. i dont think you have any idea how hurt it could b to hear it from the mouth of someone you love .. if you kno how it feel, you wouldnt have said it ..

We just want to share your loads .. no matter u r happy o u r sad .. we jus wanna kno coz we care .. Nothing else .. No one wants to see the one they love keep all the thing to itself .. What i say you wont hear , what i share you wont listen .. you have ur own set of idea and everytime you will only say ive said it before and i wont repeat and shut me off ..

Im worry and i really dont know what to do .. I really do not know how long i could endure .. May it works o not .. I dont kno what will b in future .. but as for now I'm really hurt .. and i do not know will only you listen to me .. I REALLY DONNO ..

The only way that i will not care is when you do not matter to me anymore .. and based on it , im afraid that day will come ... I'm once again at crossroad and my mind is blank ..

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