Tuesday, November 3, 2009

meat sliced wrapped chinese wintermelon ..

Once i went to Matt's house and ate this dish called 'meat sliced wrapped chinese wintermelon' .. thats the name i give after translate straight from Cantonese .. haah! it was made by Catherine and it was so delicious . Overheard its Michael Chai's favourite dish whenevery he go visit Matt .. haha .. It was a very interesting dish that i ask some points from the Sifu who made this which is Catherine to teach me .. hehe! wanted to make it for my family and bf to eat .. It was quite easy when i hear it but when doing it its a totally different thing .. haha..

Prepared the things to buy and had my mum bought all the ingredients from the morning market .. Its was nice preparing the wintermelon, wrapping it up and all the process in between .. In between called Cathering for guidance on how to make the meat taste good and so on .. haha! pretty lousy too me ..

Ingredient used to make his dish .. Mummy was a great helper too .. Guiding me from steps to steps .. =)

This is the 2nd step where the sliced meat is wrapped with the chinese wintermelon inside .. Looks nice to me .. hehe! but was kinda nervous wat it would turn out to be . keep worrying is it nice o not . haha!After all the preparation was done .. it was time to fried up those cute little meat rolls .. As i m not used to cooking and actually was 'puteri lilin', i stayed far away from the wok .. as i scared the oil will jump to me .. but it did too .. and i sreamed my lungs out .. this part my mum plAYED an important role that is to ensure the meat is masak .. haha!

My bf came half way through the process and laughed at me when he see me like so clumsy i would say .. coz ive never been cooking and i jus kno simple simple stuffs . but im good in soups okay .. haha! wait till you try it .. sure you want it more ..

This is the end result after jumping around in the kitchen to avoid the oil touching my hands .. was quite proud coz it turn out to be nice .. but in terms of taste .. its time to try it .. =) Its dinner time and i was so nervous whether it would b nice o not .. And it turns out .. cool .. everyone likes it .. and my bf likes it .. bro oso like it .. but i was doubting myself at that point coz when i try it was okay coz i feel the meat is to thick .. mummy love it as well but she dont really liek sweet stuffs .. =)

Now that i learn my first dish .. Improve improve and improve .. Mayb western food next time? let me inspiration come and i will cook again .. =)


  1. LOL!! I've ate this wonderful meat dish in the VOO's too.. Was so taken by it.... But we let it be the 'speciality' that we eat during CNY when we pai leen at the Voo's...

  2. ur bf will eat watever you cook ge!! no matter how bad it is..:)