Monday, September 28, 2009

AWlympic 1st sPoRtz DaY .. 27/09/09

Its the first day of games in AWlympic after the balloting and the launching .. Had a great great time at the AWlympic as i been able to meet all my frenz that ive not seen for somewhile .. It kick off wid the flag raising and oso the singing of Negaraku .. nearly forget how to sing it .. woossHH!! THen off we go to the first event which is the cheerleading ..

I was so impressed by the cheerleading of the Pinkie group .. they did an aweome job .. very nice! In fact to me was the best .. never to forget my Greenie with there 'I Gotta Feeling' hit it off and the crowd enjoyed it .. Totally pumped up everyone energy before launching the Marathon wid Bumble BeE,Sailormoon, Girl guide and all .. Nice scene to watch .. hehe!

The mighty Bumble Bee has transformed from a car .. GO GO GO YEW KHUAY!!

After sendin the marathon off , starts the event that im participating in (drum rolls) 'MAHJONG' .. haha!Gone thru the 1st round and the Semi finals .. Was pretty nervous during the FINAL ROUND .. its like so tense .. tried my best to make jokes but no one continues it .. so its pretty stress though .. nvm lo .. i jus syok sendiri .. happy laughing all the way .. hahah! It was pure luck as all my tiles was very very nice every round wid alot of flowers .. i manage to eat 'siu sei hei' , '4 fei' and 'tin wu' .. and i became the winner that day ..!! and i got the title 'Queen of Mahjong' .. OH SWEET .. it wasnt really good to b known best for gambling though .. =( haha! its was overwhelming experience being crowned .. haha!

Do u feel the tension in between? two GREEN to one Pink .. Poor Chloe . but we had a great time laughing all the way while playing which was not shown in the pic .. we were the loudest in the room .. haha!

After the final round .. posing for the camera after a 'tension' game ..haha!
Prize giving session .. Everyone was cheering and supporting .. Congratulating the winners ..!! Spirit of sportsmanship ..
This was given by Matt .. haha! In front is a word ' Jiok ' and this is ' Wong ' .. basically its called Queen of Mahjong ..

Mahjong Kings and Queens kissing their medals .. haha!

Played a few rounds of darts and went of to support Greenie and Pinkie on the board games .. In between having some gossips break ere n there .. Nice having everyone around and totally enjoy moments there .. its a relaxing , challenging , get together day .. love it so much ..

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