Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DAdDy & MUmMY B'DAY bAsHhHhhHh ...

This year was quite special .. wE celebrate daddy and mummy's bday together in one day .. Mum and Dad's birthday's date was not far .. jus 8 days oni .. Earlier on booked a room in Golden Dragonboat .. Mum's favourite restaurant and invited my aunts for this celebration too .. We even bought a dozen of red wine day before .. all plan to get drunk in the afternoon .. haha! To me, this day was really special to celebrate more than jus a bday .. it is sort of a big reunion in our family .. Our tradition when we celebrate many of us come together and have reunion which is to me so warm and simple beautiful ..
Delicious food were served and it manage to hold us up to the next morning without taking dinner after that!! The food were so good as it need reservation days before...take a peek at what we had for lunch that day ..
The hot and cold platter ..

Daddy's favourite suckling pig ...

This is good .. the 'Hoi Sum' is so huge!!I guess when my bro's gf and kenneth saw this they kno whut to say .. 'Eh ' so same geh! Mum used to cook a dinner where the dish is all the same like this so whenever they go to any restaurant that served this .. they will jus look at my mum and say the same exact word and needless to say my mum smile so happily .. why not rite .. erm erm erm appreciate her cooking woh .. hehe!
A very happy family .. 2 addition to our family .. During lunch,topic such as wedding bells,babies,mum and father in law was flying around .. Guess sometime is jus so pai seh dunno how to Tai Chi all this topic .. haha!When this kind of topic is raised up,it brings the environment and energy higher .. Guess when everyone come to a certain age,things like this makes them really happy and looking forward too ..

Their birthday cake .. This cake was kinda last minute buy as jus last minute la .. haha~ its Baskin Robbin .. Nice ice cream to be the last to be eaten during lunch .. I always like the big family picture .. When i look at it,a very big smile will b formed on my face .. To me nothing is more precious than this .. Being able to b as one big family and share the happiness together .. Its jus something money cant buy .. And i always remember moment like this ...

Happy birthday daddy and mummy ..Daddy look so vibrant in this long sleeve .. =)

After the full lunch,we went Pavillion and have our Karaoke session .. All my aunts have gone shopping .. as they are not really fancy about singing K .. hehe!Well a for me .. Its time to ROCK wid our voice .. =)

So got the feel .. Totally surrender and giving all out .. haha!
It was really a great great day and unforgetable ones .... Its beyond words .. =)

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