Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lil' note ...

WOW .. seems like it been real long since i last blog .. well it mayb a good thing as im been pretty busy lately .. Recently ive been coming up and thinking about way to earn money .. there are times when i feel lazy and jus wanna sit on the couch watching tv,but there are times when i told myself this aint gonna work .. im jus 24 and this is my time to really stretch all my strength out and earn as much money as i can ..

Dadddy told me yesterday my age now is the golden time for me to earn money .. such that future my life will be better .. Sweetness come after bitterness .. dont ever let sweetness come before bitterness.. this is what i always tell myself ..

Well,no doubt whenever i had my conversation wid daddy .. he always motivates me and give me his point of view in biz that its eye opening for me and drive me more to go for it .. my biggest weakness is being lazy .. Guess i got to erase that weakness out of me , such that i can go achieve something during my golden time .. i CAN b lazy .. thats when ive achieve my goal and everything in life, thats the time i can go shopping , vacationning , eating fine foods and stuffs .. It will never b too long when i achieve it..

There is nothing that is 50 50 ..is either you want it o not.. if you got the intention to do it .. be it the intention 100% and go all the way do the best .. you create only the best .. if not better do not do it! Quote by my daddy ..

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