Monday, November 16, 2009

'FEEL-ing' Day ...

It was weekend when i woke up 6am to drive my mum to Sri Permaisuri for a morning jog .. as usual mummy complete her first round and jog during the 2nd one .. as for long time no do sport for me, i will jus walk a big round breathing the fresh air .. As i come close to a pond .. i saw this duck .. the only duck in the big big pond .. It was there went i went for the past few months but never come to give attention like i gave it today ..

The ducky was so near to the runway .. what makes me sad is the condition the place that it lives .. the pond is polluted wid oil .. a big piece of it .. and its so so dirty .. Ive stopped and i look at the duck .. amazingly i got kinda connected to it .. sounds spooky but i mayb relating the feeling to it .. i feel so sad .. for it to b alone in this pond .. living in such unpleasant pond .. At a point of time i thought wanted to save it out .. but i have no idea how to jaga him .. there are alot of ppl jogging by but seems like none of them pay attention to this little duck ..

How are we as a person b responsible to protect out mother nature .. not to polute is because is jus not human who is living in this world .. there are others such as animal and living creatures .. Dont b so selfish to jus think of urself oni and neglect others .. We share this world together and please do ur own part to protect the environment .. its the place we live in ..

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