Friday, January 22, 2010

My life has been rollercoaster this month especially this very week .. im glad that i always have a mentor wid me to really wake me up in times of turbulence .. had been encountering alot of different different situation whether its good nor otherwise .. however it is,everything that happens there r things to learn from it ..

Being in the biz work, whether i like it o not .. its always dont go as how i want it to be .. if life can b so peaceful,it may as well sounds dead .. same in the biz world .. im a freshman in biz world and i had alot of things that i encountered for first time .. Many times i will beat up myself when things dont go my way .. and question myself whether o not what i do appropriate o should i b like this .. I still had a long way to learn in this biz world .. today i told myself .. nothing can stop me .. no matter how many challenges that its gonna be,it will never stop me from going forward..
True enough there are times tat i couldnt get up from the breakdown and keep beating myself on why what happen and whut should i do .. all i can say is to put word simple .. how do u call a promoter to b a controller in jus 1 day time .. what i am struggling is not more than to b stern and firm in this line ..

Guess Jynnie the firm and stern girl is on the way .... =p

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