Saturday, January 23, 2010

Experience of 'buang-ing' ppl ...

For past few months,ive hire a indi guy to help me out in my work to distribute book.Well,it really wasnt a very responsible guy it seems that he took off whereby agreement is made that he got to work jus 3 days in a week and 2 hours.Be it,if cant come for work then find ppl to replace.. Its okie if u take leave for emergency reason..Not that im so cruel enough to not let you go.Take leave without any reason nvm,give hell lots of excuses .. pening kepala ..

Recently, he's been getting real ridiculous that i tot i cant tolerate him anymore. Sending me sms in the morning say got MC can work .. ask him to find replacement,ask me back if i cant find how? Memang wont find edi la say like that .. then later call me, give me excuses say got denggi this and that .. wid a bunch of excuses why he CANT do it .. ok nvm .. ask him to set a time to hand me back the returned book,dilly dally .. and set 4 pm .. then call back later say wanna change time .. long story la .. ENOUGH!!

Waited at Mobil .. pass 4.30 edi .. no call no sign of ppl coming .. call him , he dare telling me 'Jynnie,sini hujan lebat la' .. Say reach at 4 , late oso never call .. what do u think ill do ? warn him to get his ass ere and give me back those book .. Reach ere give me tonnes of excuses again .. saying doc say he needs to stay at hospital this and that! say insurance not covering him coz he came out and now he got to pay himself .. Victim? such a nice story ...

ENOUGH is ENOUGH !! Tolerate oso got limit .. Mummy ask to give him a second chance .. Without having much thought, i decided to fire him .. cause the only thing in my mind is if i dont fire him,i feel sorry for myself .. cant accept not firing him .. Sorry Mum.. i rather been doing the work myself rather than paying a person which is not responsible towards work .. Im sure there are alot of betters one who is willing to work and responsible out there .. My god!!

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