Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NIKI,the celebrity!!

Yesterday,went wid mummy to The Pet Family,Kelana Jaya to buy some dog food and send my doggie to grooming before CNY .. have him be handsome through this auspicious day .. Went up and send him to the grooming room and went to see the available cutey doggie on the display box.. A poster capture my sight and i was like 'Mummy,this looks like Ni ... NO MUM,this is Niki!!! He is on the poster .. looking so handsomely being the spokeperson for 'Bark' dog food .. WHAT A SURPRISE .. Mummy couldnt believe it at first .. Then manage to see the similarity and thats the photo that we took at the shop itself ..

Then came a sight of a GIGANTIC banner hanging jus beside the stairs .. ITS NIKI AGAIN .. and this one was really huge .. Then suddenly came in one by one .. The poster was niki .. the gigantic banner has niki's big big handsome face one it .. and even the tiny version of him hanging on the ceiling and one the price tag .. Suddenly i jus feel that he is so famous .. Mummy was so happy as she always think that Niki was so handsome and is so wasted that no one took him to be the 'spokesperson'.. haha! Seems like her dream came TRUE!!
By the way , Niki is my golden retriever .. =)

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