Wednesday, February 10, 2010

KWSP interview ...

Last week i received a call from Kwsp , they are calling me for an interview for the post of assistant manager .. Today is the day of the interview .. Well , i jus came back from KWSP headquarter in Jln Raja Laut .. One word, it was a remarkable experience .. This time around i didnt feel the nervousness running inside me .. as i take it easily and it was like come what may .. Interview suppose to take time at 2.30 .. reach there around 2.15..And of coz .. to prepare myself i wore a red baju kurung to interview today ! =)

Had my application form filled and answer a question wid max 300 letters .. =) Well jus write everything that came from the heart .. I was the 2nd one to b interviewed .. There are 5 ppl to be interviewed for this post .. Suppose to b 6 ppl,but one tarik diri .. While waiting inside the meeting room, had a chat wid a malay gurl who is there for the same thing too .. Basically,im the only chinese again .. ( well,in uni due to the course i took,im the only chinese there too ) .. =) So i kinda use to the situation edi .. =)

Well,my turn came,went into the interview room,saw 5 ppl on the other side .. To my surprise ,they are all difference races .. I was surprise that there were Chinese who work in KWSP too .. (3 malay,1 chinese,1 indian) .. It was really a relaxing moment to me i jus answer every question they ask .. Well,the room was filled with laughter .. It didnt really seems like an interview as much it seems like a conversation typo .. Well they do as question as interviews do .. And they did ask funny question too .. It was really an enjoyable session .. Be it i get the pose o not, i feel i got nothing to lose .. The interview itself has already taught me great lessons and experience .. I jus feel so happy right now ..

It was indeed a great experience jus by the interview itself .. I did my part and im really happy for my performance today .. i thought i did great .. =) love today ....


  1. hello,if u dnt mind,cn u share the question they ask during intrview pls...and what question that should be answer wid max 300 letters??????..plssss

  2. so, u got or not the post?