Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning ..

1/2/2010 ...
While everyone busy shopping and buying stuff for CNY,Ive been at home all day to clean my ..... ROOM .. Well, its not even house yet .. Spend my whole day cleaning my room and guess what,ive not finish cleaning it yet .. its jus a part that is clean which is my wardrobe .. WOW .. ive been thinking what have i done or stuffed in my room that i cant finish cleaning it for 1 day .. hehe! The toilet is not clean yet .. Floor not been mopped yet .. Started at 11am this morning and kinda like sitting blogging now wid my enhaustion at i declared stop time at 6.30pm , i jus manage to have pack 3 garbage bags full of 'stuffs' .. and yet my room is still got a lot of construction to do .. wahlao eh .. Just a room can be so time consuming .. what about a house? hahahah!

Well eventhough im very exhausted right now .. i do enjoy the process of cleaning it .. knowing that my room will not be the same again anymre .. Last time i use to keep all the things,mm seh tak throw it .. but it wont work .. This time no mercy ... Not gonna keep things that i dont use anymore .. Half success for today ... Gonna be a part 2 ... and my room will transform .. hahha!

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