Sunday, March 14, 2010

hAkka mEe at Seremban ~ di sebalik Tabir ..

Its been a few times that i had this famously Hakka Mee in Seremban ..and this time i choose to blog about this behind the scene .. untold story of the Hakka Mee .. something strike me to do so .. haha!

First time i was brought by Kenneth to eat at this shop .. old style shop,basically 1 woman wid cap cooking the mee in front of the shop, a few table available .. simple as that .. but what unique about this shop is .. ? Nowadays this era,opening own business its about good service,serve the client wid manners,smile ..... but this shop is totally the opposite .. But the mee was faboulously delicious ... And it is meant for ppl who knows how to wait .. Why did i say so? ..

The woman basically to my knowledge and my several times being there , never even smile .. And seriously no music needed in this shop,as all the while that u been there u will see the woman screaming to her maid .. and fantastically arguing wid the husband .. Enough of music to listen rite?

As i was told by Kenneth,without the arguing and screaming part,the Hakka mee wouldn't have taste so nice .. so i think the recipe of the Hakka Mee itself included wid the screaming and the amount of saliva went in the noodle perhaps? My imagination ... But hell yeah , it taaste really good and its a MUST TRY i must say ..

Well,for ppl who donno how this shop operate,follow this instruction, first , go in and jus order what u need to the woman .. Regardless she answer u back o not.. If u think she didnt hear,u r wrong .. If u try to repeat , chances are u might kena shoot by the woman .. Jus order and have ur seat..
Second, wait at ur seat .. and i mean WAIT .. regardless how long it takes .. It will come eventually .. If she forget whut u order she will ask u by then ..
Thirdly when ur order is serve,of coz, eat la.. Dont worry of the amount of time that u been waiting becoz during this time u will b entertain by the 'music' that ive mentioned earlier ..
After eating , jus pay the bill .. well * If u say pay the bill if she dont answer you,dont try to be clever to repeat,coz if not .. youll kena shoot .. so jus shout at the voice range that she can hear and WAIT ... haha!

It entertains me sometime to see this environment and how this stall can sustain till so long .. Sometime come to think about it,does service matters or the product itself that play the roles .. Definitely something unique wid this shop .. Free to drop by whenever you r at Seremban .. If dunno where jus beep Kenneth and ask him where is the " Lan Si Hakka Mee" is located and he will freely tell you where .. haha!

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