Sunday, May 2, 2010

人总要信 ..

After 1 week of ups and down .. Its really great to be with great frens having nice outing,karaokeing(screaming the lungs out), watching movie in the cinema (and cry like nobody's business) .. back at home now,tired but feel like blogging a few words ..

I was introduced a song by a great fren of mine while on the way back home.. He told me its was a really great song .. The minute she sang ... IT IS .. No doubt im always attracted to songs which has meaningful lyric .. And this song is really as he say suitable for i know who .. The lyrics inside really speaks about them .. And i really do wish that one day I would b able to present this song to them .. I know time wont wait and summore after watching 'Echoes of the rainbow' .... 'Human greatest enemy is time ... '... And i kno how impactful this song is to them ... And i would really love to see what the process and how the outcome will be .. And im sure it is something that i really would be longing to see it happen ...... '人总要信' ...

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