Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cYcLE of blaming ..

Jus feel like bloggin it out .. Near my office's traffic light has been real disaster.. Not long ago.. both sides traffic lights is not functioning at all .. Called JKR .. Nothing is done .. Well .. First attempt ..

Recently the traffic light went off again .. for both side .. total of 6 traffic light is not working at all .. Foresee accident o fight will occur if nothing is done to fixed the damn traffic light.. Early in the morning called JKR .. Nice voice and greetings .. 'Hi! I would like to inform you about traffic light that is not functioning' .. and she answer .. 'Oh, i think that is JKR Electric side .. I give you the number .. 03-9285***.. Well, okay ..

Straight dialled the number.. told them the same thing .. 'Oh,traffic light that area is under DBKL'.. Ok cool~ Keep my temper and called DBKL eventually asking the same thing when the operator answered the call .. Guess what .. The answer that i get was 'Oh, is it the traffic light under the bridge which is alo lead to MRR2? oh .. she knows it and knows the place .. Well,a slight chance that they are the one who fix it .. And the following phrase that she tell me was .. 'Oh,that one you should call MPAJ .. They are the one who fixed it'..

Well,ive called JKR and DBKL.. so both of them denying it tht they are the one who is accountable on it .. so now jus left MPAJ .. who can they blame on summore .. so since dat ive called 2 useless body .. ma as well go for the last one also .. Called up MPAJ .. telling the same phrase .. and their answer was ' Oh you should call JKR .. they are the one who in charge of it .. Damn!! this is how the government body works? passing blame to each other?its really a cycle .. u blame me,i blame u,then i blame you back ..

I told the operator 'YOU LISTEN HERE.. IVE CALLED JKR,DBKL AND NOW YOU .. Before i could even finish my phrase .. she added ' Oh no .. i call you to call JKR not DBKL .. and loudly i say u listen ere i said I CALLED JKR AND THEY TELL ME IS DBKL, AND WHEN I CALLED DBKL THEY SAY ITS YOU,AND WHEN I CALL YOU , YOU SAY IS JKR, HOW NOW?!! .. then she say wid a impatient voice .. oh sorry .. i will call JKR now .. ya rite !!!

Eventually when i go back passing the traffic light after work,nothing is done at all from morning till the evening .. A little things like this also cant be able to handle,wanna improve the whole country ? Are you serious?

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