Sunday, June 20, 2010

Engelbert Humperdick ...

Jus came back from Engelbert Humperdick concert in Genting .. First when i saw this guy and his name i was like .. ennn..gell...what?whos this guys?My mum spontaneously jus speaks his name out.. I turn and look at my mum.. wow .. u actually kno this guy .. Now that i kno he is the one who make this 'Release Me' song a hit song of all times ..

I was quite impressed by his vocal .. At the age of nearly 70 perhaps?he still can sing non stop for 2 hours and his vocal is remarkable .. A song that seems not familiar but i be really impress with his vocal.. Its amazing .. (Personal opinion : watching guai lo concert is totally different feel than those chinese ones .. ) ..

Nevertheless,somehow rather his performance tonight had me go thinking dat the older guai lo the more ham sap they are though.. fills with his porn jokes,kissing audience (and i mean mouth to mouth more than once .. ) .. and bla bla bla .. Well mayb Malaysian ere including me is not really that open minded yet though .. different perspective different view .. But i have a personal experience of getting to know a older guai lo that kinda same 'fashion' like him too .. haha! (some of you might kno who am i referring to ) That is why i have this belief that the older they are the more 'h*rny' they are .. haha!

Well jus besides dat .. its quite an entertaining concert for me .. and the vocal is absolutely amazing .. Thumbs up!!

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  1. Bird Hump Dick ... lol, yeah the name is funny