Monday, October 18, 2010

1st day without you ..

I thought it was all alrite when i registered you to SPCA for boarding .. You didnt seem to know whut is happening .. Dad felt so heavy hearted and that time i was OK .. I didnt feel as much that i thought i would feel .. weeping away sorrow .. That point when i leave you there i felt 'keberatan'.. but i went away at last .. Office and work has kept me busy not thinking about you ..

But its all coming to me when i reached home .. Daddy and mummy seems to miss you very much .. Our home now is much quieter without your barking sound ...Often i wonder how are you doing there .. Today you went thru nurture,and i hope you rest well .. Eventhough ppl says you will still be that aggresive somehow i hope you will change .. such that one day i will be able to see you again in our home .. I miss the way you climb up and look in through the windows .. ur happiness and waving tail waiting at the gate when we come back ..


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