Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kok Soon ..

Today i remember a dear fren of mine .. A fren that i come to know during my form 6 years in St John .. A fren that i have lost in touch but he will come across my mind in many different phase in my life.. His image will always come to me whenever im in down moment .. Thinking back on my life back in Form 6,i really did enjoy spending time with him .. Accompanying him walking to the special room when recess started and back to the classroom when its ended.. Reading newspaper and whats new in the news .. Chit chattin with him ..

He to me is a guy who is very talented .. A guy who can score very well in exams .. SPM 8A's if im not mistaken and oso did very well in sports .. But all the talent that is given to him,there is this one incident during primary time that changed his life .. While he was playing basketball wid his fren,his cornea in his eyes fell off,that resulted him being blind ever since then ..

He never gave up his life .. He to me when i knew him,he was a guy who is full with hopes,optimistic,happy,hardworking,strong willed,blind? doesnt stop him from going forward at all .. He get the best results in exams,he won the best sportmans in Paralympic..He even appeared in newspapers .. He is sort of the most inspirational ppl to me .. When i was in my down moment .. I tot of him .. his image will come into my head .. If a man who has been blind not when he was born,he got the chance to see this world and incident happen and he lost sight.. its more suffering than you were born blind.. thats what i thought ..

I told myself given his situation if he can be so strong willed and nothing can stop him from going forward,why cant I?I salute him and he has been an idol to me .. Someone that i really respect and look up to.. His attitude inspires me .. Anyone who come to know this guy you will be amazed how positive and inspiring he is .. I'm the lucky ones ..

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