Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ordinary ..

Its been awhile that i didnt blog.. I've been pretty much busy with work.. Jus out of a sudden just feel like writing something.. Work has tied me up alot .. Days and night been working .. Well,its a good progress in my work though .. Im learning more and more things .. I guess in order for you to be good and learn something you got to let go others things .. In economic,its call kos lepas.. Ive been really concentrate in work that i have less time going out meeting up with my frens. I guess this is the things that i need to less spend time on when i want to succeed in my work .. Well,its not that my frens is not important to me.. Its jus that time now is crucial for me to master the work and biz that im doing.. The minimum time for me to take to master it would be a benefit to me.

In this few month i learn to be independent.To b decisive,to be in order to speak up whats in my mind,and mostly to be confident in myself .. to meet ppl .. learn to be strong,to be able to take up the biz,need alot of strength and hardworking. Newspaper biz is not like other biz.. Its tough.. Well,im up to the challenge.. Im glad that i have a very supportive bf and mentor dad to guide me through .. to shorten my road.. In this i found what i need to improve .. that is to LISTEN.. Listening is the master of everythin .. When i dont listen,i missed out alot .. Ive never regret to take up this road,because it has made me stronger,wiser ..

To all the frens that i sort of lost in touch with this period of time,im sorry .. I miss you guys and really wanted to meet u with you guys and get in touch back as how we are last time ... Knowing that u guys is always in my mind ..

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