Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poor cat ..

I am always fond about dogs .. Jus now,my dog went out and act strangely .. sniffing around walking slowly towards the gate and start barking .. I observed quite awhile and feel something is not right,straight i rush to the door and demand him to be back..He obviously ignored my order no matter how loud i am (I'm scared its a snake outside as i heard my fren told me be4) ..

I went out and saw a cat lying down outside my gate with whole body wet.. I didnt take much look and dragged my dog inside .. But i felt something not right .. Awhile,I went back out and ask the guard whats happening and i slowly examine the cat .. She is not moving, her whole body is wet and she jus sitting there still ..

The guard told me that the guy from few houses away from me, beaten the cat and the wife pour water to the cat, jus because the cat was under his car .. Is that THE ONLY WAY to treat something that has life? You can jus whoosh her away o jus start ur engine and she will jus go away ..

I felt damn mad and at the same time pity for the cat. My tears automatically rolled down on my cheeks .. I was told to leave things as it is .. But when i flash back the picture of the cat,i feel really really sad .. Animal has their life too .. Appreciate everything and even the little life ..

Where is the humanity ?

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