Friday, July 31, 2009

great supper gathering at Ah Ju ..

its been a long time that ive not been back to Asiawork to be in contribution due to work .. a few months if im not mistaken .. Went back for Cash Team on Guest Event yesterday .. i tot i was the alien over there coz ive not been there for awhile n there lots of upcoming n recent lp's dat ive not known .. well, it feels good to b back there n be in contribution .. definitely learn something out of there too .. Manage to catch up wid a few that ive long never seen them edi .. Cool! =)

After da event went to supper wid friends that i really missed n close to .. its really been awhile ever since i started to work ,, it takes up most of my time .. n im really feel very happy that i get to meet them yesterday .. had a great supper .. great conversation .. definitely enjoy it .. eventhough its jus a simple dinner but it felt special to me .. To be able to see them again and talk talk talk .. =) its really satisfying .. being to kno how r they r doing recently, whut r they up to .. it definitely in a way lift up my mood and motivates me to move fwd .. that whut friends are for to me .. its jus in a very miracle way jus by spending a dinner o supper together ,it made a whole lots difference to me ..

This morning i woke up,i feel so blessed and happy .. In a way im boosted wid energy to make today more fulfilling and of coz wid a happy n loving heart .. a simple supper yet a big difference .. have a great day ahead everyone !! love ya guys .. =)

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