Sunday, September 13, 2009

lOst of my left ToE nAiL ... =(

Well .. i jus accepted that ive lost my left toe nail ever since afternoon .. =(

It kinda happen when i step to the 'penutup longkang' and the next thing i kno my nail went from straight to senget 90 degree .. oh god .. its jus split second .. i dont remember how it happened but next thing i knew it kept bleeding and the whole look of my toe nail wasnt very pleasant .. Of coz at dat time i was so panic .. and whut i could only do is jus to stare at my toe nail blankly and stoned there..

I was rushed to clinic .. wasnt crying .. but as soon as i was lay to the so called bed .. i started crying frantically .. non stop .. like whut they call .. cry until like someone dies .. i think the whole clinic was filled wid my scream n cry .. i screamed when the doc inject the antiseptic to my toe .. i cried and shout loudly when he take off my toe nail .. basically my whole toe nail is GONE .. and whuts the fun part was .. he put those antiseptic to clean my wound . but instead of jus cleaning .. he squeeze it .. the psychical sensation was soooooo .... there was alot of blood clots .. and my ' toe thumb' its actually injured ..

Well .. this is the first time it happened to me .. and its quite drama though in the clinic .. till the doc was afraid of me .. coz the way i scream and cried .. but i really got to admit .. its damn freaking pain .. cant hardly walk ..

I hope that the wound will recover real soon ..and i will get a nice toe nail in the future ...

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