Monday, November 9, 2009

hApPy fAmiLy ADDition ...

Today suddenly got the 'kik' to blog about something that i personally felt that its very meaningful and bring me joy and happiness .. nevertheless, i felt my family feel this way too .. it is really something that worth to b celebrated ..

Almost 8 months ago,i started going out wid this crazy fella that i never though of one day he will be my bf .. Before i really knew him i would say,he is this quiet fella but a very nice guy indeed .. gentleman .. now kno him for so long edi .. hmm .. he is as a crazy as me o even more crazy though .. can see the other side of him .. a guy wid vision and working real hard towards it now ..

Its him lo .. who else .. haha .. the guy who use his lung to talk one ge lo .. haha! Kenneth Lim..

Brought him back to my house and get to kno my parents .. what makes me happy is that he can get along wid my parents really well .. got talk got laugh..

Here comes another addition to my family .. something that i proud of .. MY BRO HAD A GF .. WOOHOO .. something that really got to celebrate .. he's been sharing to me that he like this gurl .. but at first it doesnt seem that really have the hope .. but wid his iron will .. gosh .. he really succeeded .. i do believe if u never give up .. everything will come ur way .. no matter how impossible is it .. like the slogan "NOTHIN IS IMPOSSIBLE" but i would like to add something behind and it would be .. "NOTHIN IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU WORKS TOWARDS IT WITHOUT GIVING UP" .. be it in relationship,work and social ..
Mummy was rather surprised at first when bro told her that he got a gf .. hehe! but after a few meet up and steamboat nite .. my parents and her get along too .. now we were like biggy happy family ..

NOW .. take a look at my big happy family ... the more the merrier .. its so nice .. !! my daddy and mummy smile so big .. =)



  1. hey girl... suddenly come across to your blog.. nice one.. !

    most important thing is I'm happy to read your happiness here =)

  2. Who took the pictures since everyone is there? Blacky?