Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seremban get a way ..

This weekend has been meaningful for me .. Went back to Seremban wid Kenneth to visit her parents and family .. Its the 2nd time ive been ere since few months ago .. Brought my bro to go eat hakka mee wid his gf . haha! Drive all the way to Seremban jus to have that bowl of Hakka Mee and tapau some Siew Pou back home for mummy .. Whereelse im going to stay ere till Sunday .. =)

First day was rather hectic .. drive all the way eat hakka me and occupied my time without having any rest .. was tired around 10 ++ .. funny thing happen though .. was singing karaoke in his house and suddenly his dad came back .. terus saja i stop ..malu ma .. hahah!then went out for dinner together .. was rather reserved though .. still shy i think ..

Today is the 2nd day .. what impressed me about today is the way they eat breakfast and the things that they eat .. woke up aroung 10++ today brush my teeth and went down .. whole family already gather at the table .. what served was Siew Bao, Siew yuk,egg tart and bread .. and not to forget .. Tong sui .. Its like for me a very traditional way of eating breakfast .. its like as you see on the drama series ..

Sunday was rather a relaxing weekend ere .. what i realize is everyone in the family is handling the housework .. mummy drying clothes,daddy fixing the fan,sis folding up clothes and him washing car .. Its diffrerent back in KL .. well at least i felt different .. ere u feel very homey and relax and dont really has all those hectic life that u had in KL .. ere can sense the calmness the fresh air .. where else kl u can smell dust and all those car honks repeatedly ..

Well if u ask me where would i rather be .. my answer is still in KL .. i miss those night life and shopping centre especially .. haha! to me , this environment is good .. but i will make it as a thought if im 70 years old .. as this place is a nice,calm and relax place for me to spend my end life relaxingly with my partner of my life .. Mayb im still young therefore my fire is very big now . cant jus put in myself in this kind of environment .. =) still need to fight for living though .. for now i love the life that is exciting,challenging and obviously im the kind that cannot be at home for the whole week not going out .. haha!

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