Monday, June 8, 2009

07/06/2009 ...

taking some time off work to blog while having my breakfast now .. hehe! not snaking around .. wanted to blog for some times but couldnt find the time as ive been out since friday ..

before starting to write this blog i have lots of mixed feeling .. but now dat i started i feel more calm .. probably im tired .. not enuf sleep .. tired of everything dat happened recently .. now as im writing this blog i feel abit of released, letting go,who is right who is wrong does seem to b important anymore .. on this date 07/06/2009 .. its been a rollercoaster day for me .. had done lots of things including my new hair do .. i got a funky hair do now .. like it very much.. early morning went to Klang n had Bak Kut Teh wid my dad n bro as my mum not joinin coz she is vegetarian dat day ..

later on went to sg wang to pick up clothes then off to Mid v to change the camera's memory card then off again the The Curve ..thinking back .. its amazing .. 3 shopping centre in 3 hours .. haha!but as i was doing whut i was doing .. my feeling is riding a rollercoaster too .. guess we r all human . we do have our 'day' .. hehe!

Later at nite went to Souled out for dinner wid frenz .. i was dared to do something n guess that was it .. the answer to everything?the solution for everything?the final straw?mayb it is .. not sure bout the intention of the daring , mayb something dat he wants?

wake up this morning feeling uneasy and not good .. but i told myself .. its time to move on .. wouldnt say it was the easiest thing to do .. but will take time to overcome it such dat it wont affect me ..

so .. finish up my breakfast edi and time to start working again .. =) yeah!! so .. will be uploading my funky new hair do and the trip to putrajaya soon .. =) have a brand new start and happy everyone .. so am i .. =)

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