Tuesday, June 16, 2009

at this point of time ..

went out this morning wid daddy to have my car fix and serviced .. alot of problem occured since my car is already 5 years old ..Problem always come after this 5 years .. went there told the mechanic whut the list of the prob n we went off .. later rceived a call from the mechanic n he told us there is another thing which is spoiled n need replacement and that itself cost not little money .. ive come to realize to maintain a car is never easy and really got to think deeply when wanna buy a car coz down the road its all about the MONEY to maintain it ..

Daddy went for a blood test about a week ago and was waiting for da report to b out .. ive called the clinic today to check on the results and she said she will called me back .. Later in the afternoon i received a call from the clinic n she told me the outcome of the test wasnt really good .. Daddy is sick .. Now he got to have an appointment some where this week to see what can be done ..

ive no idea how to calm n care for my daddy now as i myself is not in a calm mood to have him not worry and make him happy .. how would i wan to make him happy when i myself is not stable .. after receiving the call im out of word to talk to my dad but jus ask him how is it .. is it serious .. n later on jus manage to comfort him by telling him .. dont worry it will be okay .. ive no idea how serious it would be .. but im scared . im scared if something happens to him .. the mood when down after da phone call .. now jus wwait for the clinic to calls back for appointment ..

i hope everything will be okay ..

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