Wednesday, June 10, 2009

final exam results ..

wah .. jus seconds ago i checked my final exam result .. and i am superly happy in what ive got .. for this final semester .. i got 2A's and 3B's ... and im graduating with 2nd class higher for bachelor in lingustic malay .. im so overwhelmed by the results .. for those who know my 'thing' dat im facing thru in my uni and my CGPA, knew how important for me to get 3.00 and above and this final exam is my last point to get it and I GOT IT!!! .. I keep screaming inside my office and my mum ask me to belanja her eat since i got such a good results .. oh my god!! whut ive done really paid off .. and i didnt let down on myself .. im still in the overwhelmed and happy happy mood now .. it really make my day .. (before dat im still feels so busy and frustrated over work) ..

nothin is impossible and dont give up till the last point because u never know wat awaits u in the end of the road .. i love today n i certainly love UPM!! HAHaha .. see me in my convocation and graduation day !! Muackzzz .. happy day to all .. =)

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