Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my new hairdo ..

went to The Curve to have my haircut on Sunday .. n i came out wid this .. will be going to a hair photoshoot by my hairstylist .. this is the shortest so far and its dyed wid copper colour .. quite funky coz my side's is all shaved up .. this is the front view.. the copper colour is obvious under the sun .. so satisfied wid my new hairdo .. thanks seth!!

this is the back view .. last time was 'V' shaped but this look more like 'U' shaped ..

can you see the shaved up part ? hehe .. its different both sides eventhough both is shaved up .. yeng!! hehe ..

this is the one on the left side .. the frinch covered the shaved up part . pretty cool hairdo .. i love it .. =)

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