Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lesson 1 - be who you are .. you are who you are ..

" Some people will like me and some won't.So I might as well be myself, and then at least I'll know that the people,who like me, like me .. " ~ Hugh Prather ~

Starting next month i would be handling a division in my company .. its a big challenge to me as i never been given such big responsiblities and facing up to the real world..daddy teach me a valueable lesson today and this is the first lesson before me starting to deal wid the real world ..

ive always been miserable on what and who am i going to potray in handling things .. what would i need to do and how can i do it and handle it perfectly such dat everyone would b satisfy .. Daddy said .. you must kno who you are .. be who you are .. u dont need to pretend to be who you r not .. you live in the world that u r responsible to yourself .. no matter what action o decision dat you do, they are ppl who say its good and there are ppl who say its bad .. but you must be clear on urself whether o not whut is ur own principle .. the ONLY one person that u must answer to is YOURSELF .. not other ppl ..

im always blessed dat ive had my daddy to teach me alot of things and be there for me .. Thank you for the first lesson from you in preparing me to the challenge well ahead and i know dat i can handle it and create results out of it .. Thank you for having da faith in me and becoz of you im ready for it !! Love you daddy ..

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