Monday, March 22, 2010

Dream Wedding ..

I always had a very very good imagination about weddings .. Everytime when i attend weddings, i feel very very happy and i actually feels that the 2 ppl who is going down the aisle is now being together till old, happy ever after and live a very blissful life ..

These few years, Ive been attending quite a few wedding dinner .. some at Restaurant and should i say mostly at restaurant and some at hotels .. However despite celebrating the newly weds,i feel nowadays wedding is to commercialized .. Basically every steps and itinerary is the same .. Such as ...

Welcoming the guest ..
Newly weds come in throught the door ..
Sits down and food performance by the restaurant ..
Until have way , newly wed is being invited up to the stage to cut cake and pour champagne ..
and both parents go up and yam seng ..
After all that is done,mayb the newly wed is asked to hug o kiss ..
Newlywed will now go table to table for yam seng ..
And thats the end after every food is served and newly wed will b standing at the door to usher guests out ..

Yesterday i attended a wedding in Muar and its the same as above.. And that time my mind wanders abit far .. i start to think about how i would like my wedding be like ...

I know i wan it to be special .. different from all the commercialized wedding .. Last time,i always dream of garden wedding for night.. Fills wid lights everywhere and fireworks to end the night .. it will be really romantic .. For morning, i would like it be like a very traditional Chinese wedding whereby bride will be wearing 'kei po' and groom will be wearing chinese custome wid a big flower tie in front .. And our home will be lighten up wid big red candles like those Chinese traditional wedding in TV ..

Most importantly is actually the meaning of 2 ppl being together .. wedding is jus a process and of coz i always love to be one of those that old man & aunt still holding hand walking at the street eventhough they are 70 - 80 years old .. I feel that it is so sweet .. And i hope during my old days,im like that ...

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