Sunday, March 21, 2010

Genting getaway wid 2 important Man in my life ...

hehe! Here I am again ..

This week has been real cool to me .. Went up to GeNTING to watch SaMMI'S concert .. I had a great daddy driving me up to the hills and watch it while he will be enjoying his time at the casino or having a cup of hot latte,chilling in the cool weather .. Manage to went in casino before the show and had a few rounds of cards .. Well,luck not tat good today though .. haha! tHe casino was rather pack wid aunties an uncles!! What surprises me is how ppl place their bet .. At a point of time i saw this guy .. putting chips like 5 chip of rm500 and on top of that 5-6 chipz of rm100 .. jus for a round of Baccarat .. woooSHH .. I was like eyes oso open damn wide .. eventhough my eyes was really small .. doesnt make any diff .. Lucky enuf for him that he won that round .. Well,this time around i got to kno that in casino u got a few privilege .. first,there are places who is open for UMUM .. and yet daddy said have u gone in seen the International Room?Free drinks is served .. and its ginseng tea .. I was like it is meant to cool you down if u lose the money?or is it a pscycho for u to have the ginseng such that u r braver to bet more money?ha!

Went to Sammi's concert after have free dinner buffet at Terrace Coffee .. Kenneth went there wid me .. We were seated i would say near to the stage .. It was jus 10+ rows away from the stage ..Near in the sense that we are able to see Sammi's real person .. The concert was awesome .. Sammi pull it off wif a range of 'Lady Gaga's fashion sense of clothes .. There are rock songs and also love songs .. But wat pissed me off a while was the ppl who stand up and jus block the view for ppl who are sitting behind them .. Which i m one of them .. For those ppl , i would call them abunch of 'ATTENTION SEEKERS' that they thought by stading up in some way Sammi would have seen them .. and nevertheless to say selfish enuf that they only think about themselve wanted to see and not the ppl sitting behind of them .. Atone point of time,i always crumbled up some paper and feeling like throwing it to them .. Well,human nature mayb?If only this world fills wid compassion and care for each other and having a big huge heart .. Sammi to my experience is a real straight forward , auntentic and funny performer . Thumbs Up to her!!

The concert ended quite early though as she had another more round on Saturday .. Went back up to casino to find my daddy .. He was there and gave me a sum of money to play .. I was looking at the chip and ask my dad,if i didnt use it to gamble,can i jus take this money to save in bank?He looked at me at smile ,and of coz im jus joking .. taking dads money to save in bank , ma as well i earn my own money and save it .. Not going to be so dependent on him anymroe like last time .. More so im grown up edi and time passess im 25 this year .. OH NO !!! ... Went for rounds of card again .. Luck was really not that good this time around .. as last time always went i went up i ended up helping my dad to win money.. hehe! but lucky enuf that from losing few hundreds i end up losing rm50..

Well i always have this thinking about gambling .. To me , gambling was never really good afterall .. It was okay if u kno ur own limits and play for relaxing .. But its a definitely NO NO for those who gamble for their future .. Using all the money,gamble house and eventually lost everything ? I sometime went into casino and i observed alots of things ..

After the casino tour,we had our quick drink at the Coffee Bean and came down after that .. Cool and chilling night .. Sammi, i love you and ur songs! U r awesome .. ..

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