Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Missing thumbdrive ..... plz come back ..

Today its been the worst day in my life .. I had lost my thumbdrive .. I didnt kno how did it happen .. This morning brought it to office to print something out to let me dad see .. didnt work out so i unplug it from the server and put it back in my pocket ..

The next second that i realize when i back home and wanted to print it out at home,it went missing .. Search it all in my car .. didnt see it anywhere .. Trying to recall where it would be and where have i been .. I jus been to 2 place .. my office and bank .. ridiculous .. Shit really happens .. Called up office and went back search .. DONT HAVE ..

Came back home .. i started crying loudly ... I lost my thumbdrive wid all my hardwork for months inside .. I feel really really bad .. Without thinking much i ask bro to drive me to Maybank .. Searched on the road,asked the counter they didnt see it .. Search again my car .. It nowhere to be seen ..

Now i would jus pray that it pop up in my office .. waiting for me to collect it back ... Please come back ...

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