Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the moment of NOW ...

Today,will be the first day dat i feel like writing a blog .. eversince registring a blog,i was wondering what to write,when will i have the urge o need to write a blog .. but today and now,i jus feel to have a little time for me to be in this spot,lying on my bed,typing these words on whatever dat ive discovered and gone thru today..

It wasnt a pleasant day for me today if i cud put it this way..My mind was everywhere but definitely not in the moment and definitely not present.something bothering me badly and i know i got to get it out..and BOOM!

Later in the evening,my boyfren took me to a food court for dinner before going to badminton.. A classic foodcourt i wud say..i was actually feel abit wasted because i didnt bring a camera to capture da place .. We choose a place in front of the stall and sat down..I wasnt talking much then..After we ordered our food,we were silent.Everything started when our dinner is served ....

I bring back myself to me .. to be in the moment .. NOW ... The first spoon of mee that i took,its feels like i never had such a delicious fishball mee before..Just by being there n then really enjoying whutever im doin n eating.. it seems so different .. it FEELS so different..I started looking around .. My heart fills with appreciation and my eyes fills with tears .. The first thing that came to my view .. its the uncle who manage the mee stall .. he is around 60+ ..and yet he still doing business wid passion n dat inspires me .. i was looking all around and i saw a few ppl sitting and eating,talking n doing their own stuff .. and i saw a guy,a guy with his leg disability..using a tool to support him..i do not know why but i do feel his pain..from him i see how he never gave up his life and be strong to go on..something strange..i feel so connected to them .. i feel so NOW ..Thanks for bringing me there dear ..

After a long day and a hot bath.. now n here im lying on the bed,writing this blog,reviewing whut had happen today,whutever dat i feel today,whutever dat i say today ...i came to realize it doesnt matter who is rite who is wrong,it doesnt matter who win o who lose,it doesnt matter about ego o not,it doesnt matter who took the first step,it doesnt matter whut will happen in the future .. because whut i have is now .. and whut matters is if we ever had different points of view in life,can we work it out together and b align?

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  1. I feel what you feel & experience your experience...especially when you took your first bite of the fishball noodle. :)