Monday, May 11, 2009

jynnie tan ?

Was watching Biggest Loser jus now and tears keep rolling down my cheeks .. Not really sure why am i crying .. but today definitely not a very good day for me .. whole day i was basically going thru the day only .. my mood wasnt that good dat somehow my dad realized it .. felt bad though .. today i dont feel like thinking anything .. i didnt even feel like going out from the house .. jus wanna b at home .. n all by myself .. today becoz of my mood, da world around me turns to b gray .. sometimes i thinks too much and sometimes i dont .. but when is the time dat i need to think n when is the time that i jus follow my heart? tell me what is real and what is fake? how do i feel dat?it seems like i lost it .. i really lost it .. am i stupid o am i jus do not know how to feel?im really very scared ..

My eyes is really pain now and i need to rest myself from the comp ... I wish tomolow will be a great day for me and definitely its a brand new day ..

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