Thursday, May 28, 2009

25 th wEdDiNg aNniVeRsArY ...

dATE : 26 MaY 2009

Wow!!! A memorable day for both of my parents .. They've been married for 25 years ! thats amazin .. tHis is by far a huge celebration for my family .. it is neva easy to maintain a relationship and they have prove it all wrong .. SALUTE!! .. dADDY has asked me to prepare for this anniversary way before the date .. he demanded dat he want a simple yet grand and unforgettable celebration .. At first, i think until my head wanna burst . ' how can u have a simple celebration and u want it to b grand ? '..simple and grand is like 2 different story .. its been bugging me for a week and i felt funny bout the statement that my daddy had made .. haha!
i was also been thinking about the gift that daddy wanna give to Mom .. its not hard to think of whut to give to mummy but finding ppl who actually know how to make it , its challenging .. guess whut in my mind of the present from my dad for my mum .. see the pic below and guess whether u kno whut it made of ? =)

is it nice? its actually made of rm10 notes .. it need 3 pieces of 10 dollar note to form a rosey .. ive been searching everywhere to find for ppl who know how to made this and thanks to Chi yan's info, i found it!! ehehe! and my present for both my mom and dad is ..

its kinda a last minute thingy though .. =( i had to do it secretly without my parent knew about it ..hahah! went to Ikea the day be4 wid my bf and buy all the stuffs, had the photo developed and we made it together .. phheww! luckily it came out nice .. =)

this is all my cousin brother and sisters .. ive no idea why they all aim to punch me .. ahah!its like a gathering to us and we had real fun during the dinner .. getting crazy together , singing karaoke , making jokes .. ! nice .. !

happy 25 th wEDdiNg aNniverSaRy ..

later that nite .. its the climax of the nite .. the arrival of the customized jelly cake jus for my mum and dad .. been in the cake shop for hour to have the best been selected .. i find it real cute .. even the waiters there was complimenting on it .. see it for urself .. =)

the last photo that we had that nite .. 'GROUP PHOTO' .. hhaha! with all my auntie , uncles , cousin brother and sisters .. we had a crazy shot all together .. !! definitely a nite where my dad say simple yet grand .. yeah!! i made it and fufilled it! feel so proud and happy in making this celebration a successs !! most importantly mom and dad is happy and everyone enjoyed themselves at the dinner .. =)
here are some pictures taken dat nite .. =) fabulous nite we had .. =)


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