Friday, May 29, 2009

gAtHeRiNg oF cLaSs 5K2 .. sRi gARdeN - ians .. =)

its been a long time that i didnt meet up with my high skool frenz .. the last time was wid Penny. my best fren , to Pavillion and it was last year .. my god!! how time flies .. yesterday we went out for yum cha-ing session at Cafe Quan at Pandan Indah .. Penny, ChiA Ying , Kar Weng , Chun Lek n gf , Edmund, n nevertheless my bf was there tooo ..

after been so long never see them, Chun lek surprisingly still look the same like last time .. no change at all .. the hair is still so shiny n nice .. haha! n we talk about the names we gave each other during out hi skool time .. burst out loud man .. turtle and shorty was the name for chun lek .. and mine ? hahah! fantastic name .. u wouldnt have guessed it .. haha! Roberto Carlos .. can you believe it? i wonder how i got such name .. there is always a story behind every names .. haha! He is still as funny as ever ..

of coz .. we girls which is me, Penny and Chia Ying had our gal talk n the guys had ther guys talk .. We girls as usual talk about guys, who got married , gossip .. haha and my bf was there absorbing and learning whut gurls usually will talk during the gal's talk .. Funny .. bet he had lots of fun listening to whut we gossip yesterday nite .. haahah!

Wow! after chattin with them i felt that im so outdated .. we were like exchanging news to each other .. haha! definitely will have another session of yum cha o sing k .. still got lots to catch up .. ! so happy to see them .. =)

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