Tuesday, May 19, 2009

blurrish vision ..

its been one week ever since my eyes started to pain .. started with left eye end up wid right eye now .. its been one week dat im not in front of the comp .. ppl who know me knows what happened to my eyes .. long story to put it ere .. even now when i was writing this my eyes cant see 50% of it .. rating out of 10 .. my blurness is 5 .. both eyes is very blur .. at some point i was so scared dat i was goin to blind.. i wonder what will it be if thats happened? when i thought of dat, i began to appreciate everything around me .. the faces that i have seen almost everyday .. faces dat ive long time no see .. faces that i wish to see .. i hope to see it be4 one day it really happens .. suddenly got the feeling of taking pictures of everyone to keep it in my memory .. at one point of time ive no idea how long would i b able to see .. Well maybe its a good thing that this happen to me dat i start to appreciate whut i sees and feels gratitude about it ..

since last week ive been struggling to open my eyes when i wake up every morning .. cant seem to have any lights to go thru my eyes .. wearing sunglasses almost 24/7, to everywhere i go .. like some kind of celebrity that doesnt want to b recognized .. haha! doctor advised me to go for laser .. was considering about it now .. but he say it will last for 5-6 years depending on how fast my eye 'gel' produced .. i was thinking if i had been lucky enuf to live up till 70 yrs old,which means i got to go thru laser for 10 times? will it have side effect then?

i cant see things clearly , ive not been working for one week , i need to put the paper right up to my eyes to see whut it writes .. i cant watch tv,read books even play computer .. it does frustrates me .. its been one week long dat ive nt been really productive .. basically doing nothing at all .. jus sleep sleep sleep n sleep .. feels shitty actually .. not being productive at all .. but i got to take care of my precious eyes .. =) to make sure that i can see everything beautiful things in this world . every faces that is important n meant so much to me whether its my frens, family , buddy o even stangers on the street ..

i often wonders now and then how the blind ppl does inspires me .. come to think about it .. we r so lucky to have everything in one piece .. if they can fight for their live n their fate eventhough they cant see the world, did we who born nothing less than perfect does the same and appreciate everythin that we have ? i wonder .... if not , y not?

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