Sunday, May 24, 2009

crossroads ...

today is Sunday .. A day where i normally will spend my time with my family.. After spending the day with them, here am i right here right now in front of the comp blogging about whatever dat ive come to realized today ..

Im blessed as always whenever n whatever i am unconscious there is always someone who will in a way tell me or let me see something that i cant see for now .. i remembered when i wanted to finish my study i told myself i will focus in my career and make something happen out of it . and thats my goal .. i never thought of being in a relationship at dat time as i was clear that i wanted to focus on my career and be success before starting anything else.. But i end up being in one now ..

I am a fresh graduate and i started everything from new n fresh.. i do not blame by me having relationship dat made me not 100% committed in my work.. Having said that,i wanted to be focus and committed in my work as well as making my relationship work .. the goal in my career is whut i want to strive for before and now,and love is a bonus that came along which i glad it did ..

Being in a relationship is easy but building a future together is a challenge .. but it is not impossible at all .. love isnt about sweet talks, going out ,watching movie , and argue over tiny matters .. love is about will i do this for the one that i love .. how far will i go for the one that i love? love is about two ppl building up a home together , a future together .. how would i want my future wid my bf o future husband to be? will i go all out to have my financial be stable that im able to support my family ? giving the best to them .. am i doing anything now that will contribute to my future wid my loved ones .. love is half fantasy and half realistic needs 2 ppl going 100% each to have it work and build the future together in fantasy and realistic way.. there is balance in love ..

today, ive been struggling whether or not is it possible to have both (work+relationship) work out well o shud i give up something to have the other thing o mayb i will b too busy working and neglect my relationship or the other way round .. Later ive come to realize that i can have both of it at the same time .. finding a way to balance it is the KEY ..

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