Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kl -- sEreMbAn -- pD -- sEreMbAn -- kL ...

daTE : 23 May 2009

its a sudden decision to go on a one day trip to Seremban .. 10am waiting for da lovely couple (ray+jo) at Sg besi high way and off we go to Serembannnn .. its really a EAT ! EAT ! EAT ! trip coz on our way down we say we gonna eat the whole Seremban up .. haha! and very well , we DID .. we had beef nudle , laksa , hakka mee , cendol all one shot !!

this is uncle Raymond enjoying is Hakka Mee .. look at his face .. jus like he wanna eat it up all one shot .. its seriously very nice and delicious Hakka Mee in Seremban .. compliment to my boyfren for bringing us there for a nice lunchie .. =)

this is how they made the cendol .. normally now in Kl n everywhere they will use machine edi to cut da ice .. classic .. i was asking da indian uncle for permission to take his photo .. ahhah! nice bowl of cool n refreshing cendol for a sunny hot day ..

Went to Port Dickson for a few hours .. its freaking hot there .. walk on the sand its like ppl walking burning charcoal .. haha .. manage to buy myself a kite and cute cute strawberry and play there .. =)

Look at our faces and smile and you know we definitely had a great time at Seremban and PD .. At nite , we meet up with young man Choo choo and Choo at mamak for a drink . it feels so great to see and chat wit them after so long we've not seen each other .. Do always take care and stay young yah .. will definitely have another round of yam cha in Seremban .. im missing the beef nudle ediiii ..

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