Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clumsy doll playing Volleyball ..

This title is specially dedicated to Keng Yee as he is the one who brought me think of this title that rhymes!! Applause to him .. haha!
SUNDAY .. At last there is the moment for me to play volleyball after ive not been playing for 6 years after my secondary life .. gosh .. i was all this while HOPING that someday i can play .. and guess my dream came true .. HAPPY .. im really really very happy n excited ge loh .. i was thinking hmmm so long never play liao , see how shitty is my skill edi .. haha! but to my surprise it wasnt too bad though .. whut makes me happy is i stil manage to serve!! COOL !! .. definitely enjoyed da game wid my hi skool frens dat ive not seem for quite some while ..

Was playing volleyball non stop for 2 hrs .. sorry lo too addicted to it liao .. lama tak main .. we played at the majlis perbandaran serdang if im not mistaken .. n it is to my surprise its INDOOR court .. i even applied few layers of sunblock be4 goin there tim .. wasted .. hehe

As always there is always a price to pay when for so long i didnt play volleyball n once i play play non stop .. guess whuts my price to pay? my precious hand .. pain until speechless lo .. after playing im enjoying the burning sensation n at some point i tot my hand's saraf putus liao .. that made my bf laugh like crazy jus coz i say dat .. whut the ... arent he suppose to care for me despite laughing like crazy ? cheh!

here is my precious hand kena torture by the volley .. haha! but i do definitely enjoy this volleyball game n looking forward for another great match .. im very da happy ge loh !!

pity my hand ..

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