Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fulfilling day at work ..

Had my plan to take over my dad's business in 3 years time .. today is the first day that i handle the nite distribution all by myself after observing how my colleague work before taking over .. it was a very new experience for me .. to deal n expose to the outside world ..

Before today .. i feel very anxious and couldnt wait for today to come .. feel excited tho .. mayb this is a new thing for me .. n i kno i can learn alot from this .. =)

Was abit nervous when i reach to the distribution centre today .. but everything went well n smooth today .. n im so happy after handling everything .. guess it is a good start for me .. i jus feel very fulfilling and satisfied ..

I know the road in front there will b alot ups and downs .. but as for now .. i jus couldnt wait to go thru it .. coz i kno as i go along walking down the road i will grow and i will learn .. feel excited that the new phase of me to explore .. =)

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